In our #nextup series we like to talk about new projects, teams and ideas that have the potential to reach the NFT community on a global scale. Today we want to talk about the Web3 startup TRVLFRENS.

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TRVLFRENS, according to its website, aims to provide people with an easier, better travel experience leveraging the power of NFTs.

The travel industry is a market full of middlemen, from travel agencies to booking platforms, there are often multiple companies involved in every trip booked.

One of our contributors, Allen Redman, told us this:

So it sounds like an obvious application area for Web3, but can it succeed? TRVLFRENS has not yet given any information about its exact plans, the launch of the project with (probably) its own NFT collection is scheduled for this summer.

The team will need a lot of capital to really challenge the dominant players in the market — if they plan to do so. Web3 is still a very young and dynamic space, so it will be interesting to follow their plans.

Thanks for reading! Join us again tomorrow when we will talk about XChain, a layer 2 application that will launch their product next month.



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